The Naval Petty OffIcer Colleges Museum


The Navy Petty Officer Colleges Museum, which includes the historical information and documents related to the Naval Petty Officer Training and Teaching with a historical past dating back to 1890, was opened on November 17, 2004 in Altınova / Yalova. The museum is located in the new constructed academic buildings of the Naval Petty Officer Vocational School Command.

The Core of the Museum


The museum located in the Petty Officer Preparatory School / Beylerbeyi, which was abolished in 2003, had constituted the core of the new museum. The museum in Beylerbeyi, which was opened just a few years before the abolishment of the school, included only the photographs and albums related to the school, the memorial objects and cups.

The Goals of the Museum


•To improve the belonging feelings of the students by displaying them the history of the Naval Petty Officer Colleges.
•To keep the old memories of graduates alive by the formerly used uniforms, name lists, photographs, albums and memorandums.
•To display the books, devices, materials and equipment used in training in the past years.
•To prepare resources from the books, training programs, lists, information and contents for the future researchers.

The ExhIbItIons In the Museum


•A history board starting from The Naval Petty Officer School, The Naval Petty Officer Preparatory School, The Petty Officer Professional Schools of Deck, Engine, Administrating and Office Management to the Naval Petty Officer Vocational School.
•Uniforms of the Naval Petty Officer Colleges.
•Up-to-date name lists of the graduates.
•Photographs and memorandums.
•Student albums and classroom placement plans used by the school administration in the previous years.
•Former educational materials.
•The championship cup of the 'Competition of Five-Couple Rowing', which was on September 06, 1936 in the presence of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK and the King of Britain, Edward VIII; the championship cup of the 'Navy Competition of Four-Couple Rowing' won by the Naval Petty Officer Candidates School in 1936; and Dumlupınar Volleyball Tournament Championship Cup won by the Naval Petty Officer Preparatory School in 1954 are among the exclusive historical values of the museum.
•In addition to these, the boards designed for the well-known graduates, whose achievements in the fields of culture, art, sports, science and business make us proud, are displayed in a hall in the same building with the museum so that all the students can see them any time, which increases their motivation.

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